Ós - The Journal N.3 and N.4 - Blended Publishing

Ós - The Journal N.3 launched on December 10, 2018 with a party and reading in Iðnó in Reykjavík. This edition of the journal marked a breakthrough in publishing by blending both online and printed content into one publication. Impressed by the visual material submitted for N.3 but limited by the printed journal, the editorial board decided to get creative. With the authors' and artists' full support, Ós Pressan created QR codes for visual material, printing those in the physical journal. Anyone with a QR code scanner could use it to access exclusive visual materials and translations that were too long to print in the physical journal. Ós would like to thank Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature for supporting this innovative form of publishing.

Ós readers can expect more of the same in the upcoming publication of Ós - The Journal N.4 later this year. Blended publishing has allowed us to accept web content, spoken word pieces, and even more visual material. What started as a way to say yes to more artists and authors will be a staple of Ós - The Journal for years to come. Look out for the new edition in bookstores around Reykjavík in December.

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