We Are Ós: Opening Event

This event took place in October 2015.


Ós Pressan invites you to join us for the opening of our month-long installation at Grófin in Borgarbókasafn Reykjavíkur.

Ós Pressan býður þér að vera við opnun sýningar sinnar í Grófinni, Borgarbókasafni Reykjavíkur. Sýningin stendur út októbermánuð.

The installation "We are Ós/ Þetta er us" represents an exciting addition to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in Iceland. The idea is based on a new, inclusive approach to writers of all languages and backgrounds; voices that never have been heard before in Icelandic literature.

The installation presents broadsheets with an excerpt or a complete work from one of nine writers. All are members of the writing collective, Ós Pressan, but originate from Iceland, Poland, the USA, Australia, Scotland, Brazil, or Canada.

At the opening, the following authors will read:

  • Mica Allan

  • Juniper Francalanza

  • Virginia Gillard

  • Anna Valdís Kro

  • Ewa Marcinek

  • Beatriz Portugal

  • angela rawlings

  • Randi W. Stebbins

  • Agata Wiśniewska