"Beacon" by Mica Allan

The piece "Beacon" is about finding a voice and an audience to connect with and how doing that can bring colour to your world. It's also about how to communicate with cats.

"Fordómar" by Anna Valdís Kro

If you collect groups from all margins of society and put in a map, what would it look like? The visual poem "Fordómar" is an excerpt from Anna Valdís Kro's manuscript focused on prejudices and experiences of marginalized groups.

"Fell" by angela rawlings

"Fell" is a visual poem straddling two languages. In Icelandic, "fell" means "mountain" and in English, "the past tense of fall." angela rawlings designed her visual poem to resemble Snæfellsjökull.

"The Glacier" by Agata Wisniewska

“The Glacier” is a poem about the absurdity of social and economic differences and how that is connected to absurd ecological problems reflecting  travelling. It’s inspired by a visit to Vatnajökull.

"Interrogatories" by Randi Stebbins

"Interrogatories" represents a playful, but probing, look at the scrutiny immigrants face in their new homes. The legal format pokes fun at the unwritten societal rules obliging the others to answer both frivolous and personal questions.

"Bludgeoned by a Stamp" by Beatriz Portugal

"Bludgeoned by a stamp” is a flash fiction piece that illustrates how society’s rules and barriers are imposed on and can affect personal lives.

"Aftur Að Oz" by Virginia Gillard

Imagine travelling so much that 'home' becomes a confused dream. "Aftur Að Oz" is Virginia Gillard's visual header piece to a series of autobiographical vignettes written in the creative non-fiction genre.

"Polishing Ice" by Ewa Marcinek

Sometimes struggling with social integration resembles struggling with one's love life. "Polishing Ice" is a collection of short stories and vignettes by Ewa Marcinek written from an immigrant perspective.

"The Medicine" by Juniper Francalanza